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An FAI Use Case:  According to Bloomberg, women make more than 85% of the consumer purchases in the United States, and reputedly influence over 95% of total goods and services purchased. 

Female Ai 

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Males and Females think differently.   49.6% of the world's population is female.  Yet predominantly non-female computer scientists design and develop 98% of the myriad of technologies used a female's everyday life.   


Women are READY and waiting to use Female Intelligence-based Ai solutions!  

Time for Industry and Enterprise, Retailers, and Marketers to leverage Female Algorithmic Intelligence into female digital platforms and solutions.  ROI for 49.6% of the world's population is a very valuable business proposition encompassing a societal global impact, rendering the voice of fairness to females of all ages, all cultures.    


Powerful.  Strong.  Global Impact.  Sustainable.



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Double exposure profile portrait of beau
Double exposure profile portrait of beau
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Does Your Retail and Shopping Tech Speak Female Ai ?

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Female Ai is Now!  

Men and women think differently. Female cognition is different than male cognition.  Many technologies used by retailers, marketers, data and computer scientists and others do not SOLVE for Female intelligence.  To date almost every technology a woman uses in her day to day life is built based upon computer science protocols predominately designed by males.  Female Ai  is a huge opportunity for businesses in the $33 Trillion dollar digital marketplace.  Need Proof?   Here is an example:

24 years since Amazon went live, online shopping conversion is still stuck at 3% and return rates hover between 30%-50%.  In 2018 alone, returns cost retailers an astounding $207 Billion dollars. 

Enter Female Brain Ai. 

Blasting open the computational power of Female Ai to design and build technologies that actually  "think" like a woman.  Imbuing Female  Ai intelligence into verticals ranging from shopping to personalization to product to supply chain.  To industries, ranging from healthcare to lending to jobs. 


My name is Cynthia Holcomb.  I am a Female Algorithmic Intelligence Visionary.  My experience resides in designing technologies to solve for female intelligence.  My expertise resides in the sensory intelligence Gap between female intelligence, the female decision to purchase,  the limitations of computer science to evaluate female cognition, and the digital world.  Female cognitive decision-making relies upon human emotion driven by individual female sensory preferences of fit, look, and feel.  Under the umbrella of Ai is the new discipline of Female Brain Ai.   


Get in touch to learn more.




Does your Ai think like a female?

  • Is your company or product experimenting with Ai initiatives? If so, a great opportunity for your company to introduce and lead in Female Ai. 

  • Are your product and services used predominately by or purchased by females? 

  • Are you a marketer or retailer whose target audience is female? 

  • How about your marketing or selling platform?  Does your UX/UI "think" like a female? ​

  • Did  one or more  females "use case" test the experience and results of the algorithms your company uses to communicate and interface with your female shoppers/clients? 


Scientifically speaking there are cognitive differences between the way men and women think.  "New technologies have generated a growing pile of evidence that there are inherent differences in how men’s and women’s brains are wired and how they work."

Female Ai mimics the physical world of shopping.  The physical world where female associates help women shop, not engineers.  Digital shopping needs female intelligence, just like the physical world.  Why, because women think and shop differently then most men.  Is your digital business experiencing a gender gap? 


Need Evidence to Validate the Need for Female Ai Initiatives?   

Decades old low 3% conversion.  Return rates of 25%-50%.  97% of customers you drive to your platform, buy nothing.  Resulting lost customers, lost credibility, wasted resources affecting every aspect of your product, supply chain, ROI and our climate.  Apparel is the #2 polluter in the world! 

We can fix this together....  Contact us below. 

Double exposure profile portrait of beau
Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture
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Does Your Retail and Shopping Tech Speak Female Ai?

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