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  • Cynthia Holcomb

The #1 Reason We Buy and Keep a Product

The number one reason a consumer buys a product, it matches their sensory preferences of fit, look and feel. The number one reason a consumer returns a product, it does not match their sensory preferences of fit, look and feel.

Individual human "Fit Preferences" are not based on body measurements, nor body scans. Individual humans purchase apparel based on individual Sensory Preferences of Fit, Look, and Feel. How a garment fits their body, feels on their body, and looks on their body in the mirror. It is not about measurements. Some humans like clothes loose, some tight. Clothes are 3D products. Adding even more subjectivity to individually preferred, sensory-based, subjective fit preferences.

And because all apparel brands fit differently, even with the exact same measurements, digital matching of an individual person to an individual product does not and has NEVER worked ever using body measurements!

Why? Even within the same brand, there are 100's of variables, including EASE, [the added space so a human can get the garment on his/her body] affect the “fit and shape” of a garment. Fit and Shape brand standards are the baseline from which patterns are created by adding "Ease" for a range of product classifications and styles, greatly affecting Fit and Shape outcomes exacerbated by different fibers, fabrications, country and style of mfg, the color of fabric/fiber, lined, unlined, styling details, etc. The list of variables is long.

Back to EASE... How and where a brand adds EASE into dozens of the afore-listed variables to create the Shape and Fit of the product creates dozens of Micro "Fits" within the same brand, in the same category. Size is not Fit! Measurements are not Fit! Take a minute to people watch at the mall to see for yourself the real-life results of individual Fit Preferences in action.

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